Aged paper envelopes


This listing is for 4 beautiful aged envelopes. If you want more, just add to your cart multiple items (or contact me –

These envelopes are made by hand and look as if they are really old!

7×5 inches (approx. 18×12 cm)
6×5.5 inches (approx. 15×13.5 cm)
Please note, that each envelope is made by hand and the sizes can slightly vary, by a couple of millimetres.
For the same reason the color may also slightly vary – the paper for the envelopes was aged by hand!

These envelopes are easy to seal! There’s sticky tape on the flap, so this will be no problem. But if you don’t need this tape (or consider it’s not looking good) you can ask me to make the envelopes without it. Just leave me a note while purchasing.

The sealing wax stamp on the 1st photo is not included in the price.
Need aged paper for youl letter / invitation / program?
Here it is ➨

✈ Please let me know if you need something by a certain date, we’ll check if it’s possible. Recently, crossing the border took quite a long time, so please keep it in mind.


Additional information

Envelope size

7×5 inches, 6×5.5 inches

Sticky tape

YES, NO stixky tape


pack of 4, pack of 10, pack of 25

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