After you place an order, we will pack it and ship in 2-7 days.
We choose a best shipping carrier depending on their prices and terms. We work with DHL, PostNL, Usps and a few other. If you have any preferences or deadlines, please contact me –, or right on this website via the chat at the right bottom corner.
Europe, Asia and US – small items, like necklaces, can be shipped by regular postal service, it appears to work fine today.
Large items, like A5 books, will be shipped by DHL. It costs a bit more, but you will recieve your dragon within a week, DHL is super reliable!
Packages to Sweden, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand – can be shipped only by DHL.

Estimated shipping time:
USA 3-30 days, depending on the size
Europe – 3-30 days, depending on the size
Australia: 5-14 days (DHL only)
New Zealand: 5-14 days (DHL only)
Other countries: 3-60 days (depending on the destination point and size)
To get more correct terms, please contact me.
Please note: delivery can take longer because of upcoming Christmas, global sales like 11.11, strikes and storms.

Additional shipping charges may apply depending on your location and the size of your order. You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales tax, value-added tax, customs duties, and excise duties. If there is any damage to the items that you ordered on delivery, you must contact us within 5 days from receipt of your order.