Dragonarium artist


Welcome to Dragonarium – the place where dragons live.
If you are looking for some magic and fantastic creatures to tame – you’ve come to the right place. 

My name is Jane (Besreneva Evgeniya, actually, but I prefer Jane as a shorter name). And I will be your guide in this beautiful world of dragons.

 I am a bit of a sculptor, a bit of a bookbinder and an artist.

I love to create old looking books  – with aged paper and a weathered leather cover. And dragons give these books a magical look! It seems that these are not just books, but pieces of magic from a fairy tale.

Here you can learn about the world of my dragons, and even take one of them to your home. 


Visit the gallery to see my works.
If you have questions about orders, shipping and about my art in general, you can read FAQ. If you didn’t find the answer there, email me bjshandmade@gmail.com